The world shouts about the royal baby while mine remains hidden

Josh and I are visiting family in California. He had told me he wanted to bring pictures of Luke to show his dad and grandma. So now on our second day here when they still have not mentioned him or our loss, I asked Josh if I should ask if they want to see them. He said I already asked and they dont. But they show us pictures ofbthe cat they lost. Then we turn on the tv and see all the hoopla for the royal baby. Where is the fanfare for my precious baby? Why cant he be seen and celebrated? My heart hurts.


3 thoughts on “The world shouts about the royal baby while mine remains hidden

  1. Oh Sara, I am so sorry. That is just awful. I know that must hurt so much. My mother in law never acknowledges Lucy, even when I try to bring her up myself. She changes the subject immediately. I loved looking at Luke’s pictures. I have been looking forward to seeing them so much. He is such a handsome little guy, so cute. I can see both you and Josh in him, but I think he mostly looks like Josh. You guys did a good job making such a beautiful baby together. I think about the fanfare and celebration Luke had when he entered heaven. It must have been magnificent. His life is important and he is so special. I really can’t wait to meet him in heaven one day. Thank you for sharing his pictures

  2. I, too, feel frustrated when I can’t escape famous baby announcements. When Kate went to the hospital and I saw it on every news station I thought, “how would the world react if they endured what we have?. Would the world quickly close the book on their story, shut off the cameras?” Who knows. As tired as I am of seeing all the hoopla, I’d never wish this experience on anyone else. But I can’t help but look at them and wish we had the same, happy result.

  3. I’m so sorry! People just don’t understand what it’s like to lose a child. I desperately want to talk about Jacob and include him in conversations, but it seems like everyone else wants to take a detour when I try. Be strong momma, your little one knows you love him more than anything and he sees you trying harder and harder to have everyone see that he IS and will always be your baby that you love, miss, long for, care, want, etc. No one who hasn’t gone through this understands. It’s like they want to not talk about it, but we need that! I wish people understood more. I’m hoping with that movie coming out that it will break the silence.

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