Death is NOT a Natural Part of Life

I heard something on the radio that really struck me.  It was Max Lucado speaking.  He said he had just gone through a week during which there were 5 funerals at his church.  Even though it is not unusual for him to be involved in such events, the high frequency in the short time period brought him down and made him sad.  He said people might think, “Why ? They are in heaven.  Death is a natural part of life.”

But then he said that death is NOT a natural part of life.  I thought, “Huh? Isn’t it? It happens to all of us.  It’s a certainty.”  Then he explained further.  We were not originally created with the expectation that we would experience death or separation.

A light bulb went on for me.  This is not something I have ever thought before, but it’s true.  Adam and Eve were made to be in companionship with God and each other in the Garden of Eden.  Our intricate design plan did not include death or being away from our loved ones, ever.  No wonder it hurts so much!  Unfortunately Adam and Eve made a sinful choice that changed the plan (although I don’t blame them, I as a sinful being would likely have done the same thing).  But thankfully, our loving and forgiving God has repaired the plan so that we can still have that companionship for eternity though the sacrifice of His precious Son Jesus.  He does know how I feel tenfold as He had to go through losing His Son too.  And just as He knew it was a temporary separation, so I know that mine and Luke’s will be also.

I googled Max Lucado to make sure I was spelling his name correctly and I found more encouragement on his website pertinent to my loss.  It says:

“In May of 2008, Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth lost their five-year-old daughter in an automobile accident. They were deluged by messages of kindness. One in particular gave Steven strength.  It was from a pastor friend who’d lost his son in an auto accident. “Remember, your future with your daughter will be greater than your past with her.”

Death seems to take so much. We bury the wedding that never happened, the golden years we never knew. We bury dreams. But in heaven these dreams will come true. Acts 3:21 says that God has promised a “restoration of all things.”

All things includes all relationships. Our final home will hear no good-byes. Gone forever. Let the promise change you. From sagging to seeking, from mournful to hopeful! From dwellers in the land of good-byes to a heaven of hellos!  You’ll get through this!”

Max Lucado has new a book about this called “You’ll Get Through This”.  Sounds like a good to read to me!  I’ve never read any of his books before, but write about getting through heartache and being with my baby again and I’m sold;)

Hooray for that day!  Thank you, Lord

5 thoughts on “Death is NOT a Natural Part of Life

  1. This comforted me so much today. And you are right, death is NOT supposed to be a normal part of life. I love the quote about the future with your baby being greater than your past with your baby. That gives me so much hope and is a good reminder of what we have to look forward to! It’s going to be so fun when we’re all in heaven together and we can see our kids play together and there will be no tears or pain or fear. I definitely need to check out that book!

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