Displaying Luke

Displaying Luke

I have been looking for a frame to put Luke’s foot picture in so I could put it by my desk at work. I couldn’t find a baby frame that was vertical that I liked. I decided to put it in an “L” holder. It feels good to display and acknowledge him publicly, even if it’s only his little foot. I wish it wasn’t so taboo to display his other photos, but this is at least something. I love you and am proud to display you, my precious baby.


4 thoughts on “Displaying Luke

  1. I’m so glad you did this and have been wanting to place a pic of my son at my desk too… but agree, it feels taboo in some way. I love my son as much as any parent adores their child and feel that I should be able to show my love, pride, and devotion as much as anyone. Kudos to you for being an example for the rest of us! BTW, it’s an adorable foot!

  2. So sweet! I have thought of the same thing but am afraid of the questions I would get and answers I would have to give to my little kindergarten students. I’m not sure I’m ready to go there. 😦

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