“Stillbirths Still Cause Confusion”


This is an article about stillbirths that I found interesting.  Although we did have an autopsy on Luke and my placenta, as well as many blood tests, they could not find a physcial cause for his death.  So we are in this group they are speaking of.


2 thoughts on ““Stillbirths Still Cause Confusion”

  1. This is interesting. I keep hearing SIDS is the leading cause of infant deaths, but no one is spreading the word on stillbirth. Makes me angry that this happens more and more, and there isn’t any education or information available to help understand.

  2. This is a very interesting article. My son was born still @ 32 weeks on 9/18/2013. We chose to do an autopsy, but our dr warned us that we will most likely not find a cause. Turns out, AJ’s death kind of falls into the realm of the unknown. His autopsy and placental results revealed a perfectly healthy mom and baby boy, but a freak, rare myocardial infraction in his left ventricle with no apparent cause. My doctor was floored by the results because she had never encountered this in all of years of practice.

    I’m hoping in the future Stillbirth awareness will be increased enormously. Stillbirth is not anything I ever read about before this happened.

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