Merry Christmas

Christmas card from the Hoppers

Here is our Christmas card.  It was a last-minute idea.  I felt a surge of desire to have Luke seen and remembered, so I decided to put him on our card.  I wanted to be sending a collage card this year with pictures of our new, cute baby and thought “Who says I can’t still do that?”  I wasn’t going to do cards and only found the energy (only enough energy for an e-card, mind you) when I realized it could be an opportunity to share Luke.  I emailed it to friends and relatives, including some who didn’t want to see his pictures when they were offered.  To those who had refused his pictures, I felt like “Take that!  You’re going to see him anyways!” ( I actually envisioned a little victorious 1,2 air punch as these words ran through my mind.)  I also posted it on Facebook, which is the first time I have shared any picture of him other than his foot there, although I had contemplated doing so for a long time.  It felt good, although also just a little scary. Thank you to you friends who told me how you have shared your babies’ pictures in a public way–your stories gave me courage.

Some people may be offended or think I’m morbid, but oh well.  He is part of our family and part of our Christmas and I think his picture is beautiful. I feel like the pictures help prove that he is real.   I think they show that he was a fully-formed baby like any other baby.  I want people to know that. Every lost baby picture I have seen is beautiful, no matter the circumstances.  Our babies are real humans that deserve to be seen and celebrated.  If anyone wants to share your baby’s pictures with me, I would love to see them.

So far, I have only gotten nice emails and loving comments on a beautiful card/family and his “perfect little face”:)  It warms my heart for him to be a part of our Christmas in a public way.  Merry Christmas my Luke!  Merry Christmas dear friends!


5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. It is beautiful. I’ve been thinking of doing something similar. Like you, a Christmas card was not an option until I realized it was a chance to talk about Noah. I’m glad you got to share Luke with everyone. I hope the responses remain positive. And even if they don’t, it will be ok. You are sharing the baby you live, nothing could be more beautiful.

  2. Baby Luke is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your card. The Christmas season has come and will soon go, but you have given me courage to share my baby to the world on a card next Christmas. Baby Luke is much alive (w/The Heavbly Father) and I pray that you continue to share his life with others. I tell others that my daughter and I have a different residence at this time. However, we will meet again. Until then I will remember and tell the world about her until the day I hold her again. Stay encouraged and merry Christmas.

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