We Need the Showers

I really liked this passage from a book we are doing in my Women’s Bible study group called “Live Faithfully: A Study in the Book of James”.  It talks about why we need the showers of hurt in our lives.  We love the sunshine and happy times, but without the rain, they would be incomplete.  If it’s always sunny, it becomes a desert, like a certain region in Chile between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean where nothing can grow because there is never any rain or moisture.  Living in Arizona for 26 years now, I am used to lots of sun and I am a sunshine-loving person.  But I also love those summer monsoon storms and the bits of snow we get in northern Arizona.  It is nice to have some changes of weather sometimes.  I hope I can learn to love these “rainy” times in life also.  Or at least to eventually appreciate the good that they bring to my life.


The theme of blessings coming after a drought has been a recurrent one for me.  It is a theme I have needed to be repeatedly shown for encouragement, and God has repeatedly brought it to me in various formats.  You may be in a desert of deep suffering, but those springs of blessings are soon to burst forth and cover you with needed relief.  Thank you, Lord, that we can rely on you for that!

I have a decorative plaque in our guest bathroom that says “Sunshine and Showers” which I bought just because I thought it was cute.  That is also what I named the first blog I tried to write (I only got a few entries in before slacking) long before Luke.  Those words now have new meaning for me:)


3 thoughts on “We Need the Showers

  1. This was a good reminder and I love the picture of the desert with no rain. It is true that I cherish many things now that I didn’t before my storm hit. It makes the good times even better. But WOW am I ever tired of this rain now. I’m ready for some sun

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