Ultrasound was good, baby is fine

The ultrasound was fine yesterday.  Josh came with me and saw this baby for the first time.  When we walked in, the ultrasound tech said, “So the doctor couldn’t find the heartbeat with the Doppler?  and I said yes.  She said, “That’s normal.”  I asked, “It is?” and she said “Yes. The doctor didn’t tell you that?” .  I said, “She was very reassuring” although she didn’t say exactly that.  Hearing it was normal was very helpful.  I wrote about this on a group for people expecting August rainbow babies on babycenter.com too and several people responded that they couldn’t hear the heartbeat through the Doppler at 10, 12, 14 weeks even though they are thin.  That helped also.  I’m not a weirdo (well, at least not on this 😉 ).  But the tension didn’t really release until I saw the baby moving and heard the heartbeat, which we did, loud and clear at 176.

The baby is measuring on track and he or she really looks like a baby now:)  All the parts are already in place, which is amazing to me.  What God has created is so intricate and astounding.  How those few cells develop into a full tiny human so quickly is beyond me.  God is awesome.  How could anyone say such a perfect, fully-formed baby is anything less than an important life?  It’s not a “fetus” or “tissue” or an “early loss” to me, or even just a miscarriage.  It’s clearly a perfectly-designed person.

The baby had a hand to it’s face and was a little curled up.  When she turned on the volume so we could hear the heartbeat, it made a huge leap like we had startled it.  It looked beautiful to me.  I was so relieved and happy.  We got a good look at the little hands, legs and the cute round tummy.




Josh asked about seeing the sex as I had told him others have found it out this early, but she said they all kind of look like boys at this stage due to hormones causing swelling in girl parts.  She said she had thought her niece’s baby was a boy at weeks 12, 13, 14 and then all of a sudden at week 15, it was clearly a girl.  She did point out a small lumpish area that she said looks like a boy at this stage (it didn’t look like much to me except a white line that wasn’t much protruding).  She said they will do an anatomy scan at 20 weeks to find out the sex.  So, unless I end up getting more ultrasounds in the next 2 months, we won’t find out the sex until around Easter.  That could be fun though–a family announcement when everyone is over for Easter with balloons or a cake with the color inside…

She did also look at the nuchal chord/the back of the neck.  She said it does not look thick, so no chromosomal disorders are indicated at this point.

Thank you for the prayers and kind words.  About 1/3 of the way there.


6 thoughts on “Ultrasound was good, baby is fine

  1. Thank you sooo much for the update! I checked in a couple times last night hoping for new information 🙂

    I am very excited for you guys! We’ll keep praying for you!

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