16 Week Check Up

I had my 16 week check up this Friday.  Everything is still okay.  I had been hoping and requesting prayers for the Doppler to find the heartbeat very quickly this time.  It wasn’t quite so.  It took a little bit and then I only heard 2 loud whoosh, whooshes before it moved.  My OB and my mom heard more in another spot more faintly, but my OB got the portable ultrasound “Max” again just to add extra reassurance.  I saw the baby moving around and the little heart flicker.  She said the heartbeat was around 140, so down from 176 at 12 weeks and on target.  She said “Babies who are not healthy do not bounce around like that.”  

So, everything was fine, but it still left me feeling really drained and emotional for the rest of the day.  I didn’t quite understand why I felt that way when it was a positive check-up, but I did.   I was hoping to get to schedule the anatomy scan to find out the sex at this visit, however, my OB said the perinatal office will want to do a level 2 ultrasound and we should just combine that with finding out the sex.  I was a little bummed because I wanted that joyful moment to be in her comfy office with the familiar tech.  However, she told me that her ultrasound tech just moved away and someone new is just starting.  So, having a familiar tech is not an option either way.

I go to the perinatal office this Tuesday.  I will ask about scheduling the ultrasound then.  Josh and I will both take a day off work to go to Phoenix for it.  I’m getting excited to find out what we are having.  I look forward to really talking about names and doing some baby shopping.  I should know just in time for all the big community-wide garage sales in April and May, where I have found awesome deals on baby things in the past.   That’s something fun to look forward to. 

I had a yucky stomach bug for the last 24 hours, but I think it’s almost gone now.  That was not fun.  It led me to get out all my pregnancy books to make sure I was doing the right things and it wouldn’t hurt the baby.  I have a small concern in the back of my mind about listeria because I ate some cold lunch meat last week, so I plan to ask about that on Tuesday, but it’s more likely just a bug I picked up from the kids at school, even though I did have a flu shot.  Hopefully I’m  back to100% tomorrow as I have a really busy week ahead with obligations after school every day.  Only 9 weeks of school left though. 

So, just hanging in there and taking it one week at a time.  My apps say the baby is about 4-5 inches and 3-4 ounces now, about the length of an avocado or an open hand.  I love all those silly fruit/food analogies.


2 thoughts on “16 Week Check Up

  1. Sara,
    So glad to hear your appointment went well! I just had my 16 week check on Tuesday. I can totally relate to being emotionally drained. I literally have to plan a whole day to recover after my appointments right now. It is so stressful, yet so wonderful to hear a good report. Praying your perinatal appointment goes well.

  2. I’m really glad about your visit. Being sick is never fun 😦

    The food/fruit analogies are really fun! To hint at Z’s coming I posted on FB : the fruit of the week is……. It took awhile for anyone to figure out our hints!!

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