You Big Belly!, Halfway and My Jesus Anniversary

This morning during calendar time, one of my students got lippy and said something like, “I already said that, you big belly!”  I was taken aback and he got in trouble of course, but it was a little funny.  Most of my belly is still my own fat, but it is poking out more, looking rounder and feels firmer to the touch now.  I haven’t told my students I’m pregnant, but may have to soon since I’m starting to look it.  A coworker told me today, “You’re starting to pop!” and another said, “Ohhh, look at your belly.”  That is fun to hear.  I hope I keep popping all the way to a healthy baby that we actually get to bring home. Bring on the belly.  I do not care how many stretch marks I get. 

I’m 18 weeks now, which is halfway, since we are having the baby early at 36/37 weeks, Hooray for halfway!  That feels like something.

I have never been aware of this date before now, but a couple of months ago, my dad pointed out some dates written in the front of his Bible.  He wrote down the dates that my little sister and I accepted Jesus into our hearts as young girls.  Mine is today!  April 4th,1982.  Happy Anniversary, Lord!  Thank You so much for sending your son to save me.  Thank You for giving me loving parents who showed me You and guided me to be saved at a young age.  Thank You for watching over me and drawing me near You again after I put You on the backburner for most of my 20’s.  I love you so much, Lord.  Because of you, I know my Luke is safe and that I will be with him for all eternity in your holy presence and beauty in heaven.  Nothing could be more hope-inducing and safe than knowing that I belong to You.


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