Diaper Shower?

A kind fellow teacher (who is also the parent of a student in my class, so I’m so glad she likes me) asked me today if she and my aides could throw me a “diaper shower”.  I had to ask what that is, although it’s pretty much just what it’s called–a shower at which you get diapers.  I feel conflicted.  I am so appreciative that they want to do this.  I love parties.  I love presents.  I know we will need tons of diapers.  I think I could emotionally handle it.  But…the people at this job already gave me a lot last year for Luke.  I never did thank you cards, since we lost him before I got to it and then I just couldn’t.  I have felt guilty, like they might think their money was wasted.  One of my first thoughts about having another boy was, “Oh good, people will know their gifts didn’t go to waste.”  It’s silly, I know.  Most people probably understand. They also gave us a ton of gift cards and a nice card that everyone signed when we lost him.
But I don’t feel like they should be asked to give me anything else.

They want to do it in 2 weeks, on a Thursday after school.  I expressed my concerns.  I asked if we might wait until the baby came and then do it after, so that people would know they weren’t “wasting their money”.  She said that doesn’t matter because it’s honoring a life no matter what.  I like that.  I agree.  I don’t personally feel Luke’s gifts were wasted at all as I treasure them.  They are his and I will enjoy sharing them with his brother.  She said she didn’t want to wait because they know I may not be back next year and there will be some different staff here next year, etc.  She said to just think of it as an opportunity to have cake.  She was going to do it as a surprise and someone told her she better ask me about it first.  I appreciate that.

I didn’t expect this.  What do you guys think?


8 thoughts on “Diaper Shower?

  1. I’m not doing a shower at all. One of the worst parts of the whole thing was having to pack away his things, and I can’t face that again. So we’re having a welcome to the world party after she arrives – and if people want to bring gifts they can.

    Having said that, I would probably be all over a diaper shower if I didn’t do cloth – those things are expensive! And the thought is lovely 🙂

    • Thanks, Siobhan. I’m actually hoping to do cloth too. I’ve been looking on craigslist for some good used ones cheaper. But I figure we can use the disposal when we go out of the house or when Josh doesn’t want to deal with the cloth. Do you have a good brand that you like best on the cloth ones?

      I never packed Luke’s things away because I didn’t want to and couldn’t have handled it.

      • I use prefolds and covers – I got a giant pack on eBay (5 dozen and 6 covers lol), but I have no idea how the covers will wear over time. I’ve hear that pocket diapers seem easier at first, but become a pain as you can’t put them in the dryer, which would not work for me lol.

        I used prefolds during the day and disposables at night with blythe, so I may do the same this time, am gonna see how I go.

  2. I’m not sure what I would do since I’m not pregnant yet, only 4 months from my loss now and I just can’t yet. I think I would want a Welcome to the World party as stated above because it was so hard to get rid of any of my son’s things. My husband made me feel like I needed to-diapers, wipes, pack n play, car seat because they were things you could buy everyday. I agreed because once we put everything in his room, it was too small and I needed it to look neat. It broke me though getting rid of anything that was his. At the same time, your baby boy is on his way! You need to celebrate and let everyone show their love for you and your son. They did it for Luke, let them do it for this one too. If you can stand it, welcome their love with open arms. When you cry (you know you probably will) welcome their love with open arms and accept their shoulder to cry on. You are loved!

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