Rainbow 27 Weeks

Our rainbow baby is 27 weeks now.  Last week I had a regular OB appointment as well as an echocardiogram on his heart at the high-risk doctor.  Everything looks good so far.  The high-risk doctor said they can’t catch everything with ultrasounds, but that they catch 80%.  That sounded like pretty good odds to me.  However, the odds of having a stillbirth is way lower than that and yet, we had one.

He is thumping away at me with increasing force, which I am glad for.  It’s interesting to me that he seems to feel a little different than Luke did (if I’m remembering accurately, my memory stinks), although he is head down as Luke was at each ultrasound.  Not totally different, just a little different location of thumps and some weird sensations.  Sometimes it feels like he is trying to get out!

I’m looking forward to getting to 28 weeks since that is a marker for viability, although I’m also nervous about each milestone where I know a friend has lost a baby.  For 28 weeks, it is Siobhan and I will be thinking of her Taidgh as I reach 28 weeks.  So many loss milestones I know about now:(  Thankfully, Siobhan is now about 5 weeks past the 28 week milestone with her rainbow baby:)

I have a speech therapy client who was born at 28 weeks.  He is healthy, but he does have some cognitive delays and vision issues.  I remember meeting him for the first time last year when I was 28 weeks pregnant with Luke and thinking how awesome it was that I was to a point where my baby was likely to live no matter what.    I have even recently met a boy who was born at 23 weeks and survived!  Now I know it does not always work that way. You can make it all the way to the end or beyond it and still lose that precious life.  I still appreciate the points of increased safety as this boy progresses though.

The biggest news at our latest appointment was that the high-risk doctors gave us a delivery mark.  They discussed our case at one of their group meetings and decided that we can deliver at 37 weeks.  My regular OB has been asking me at each appointment if they had made a decision yet and they finally did.  I think this is a good time to deliver?  37 weeks seems to be the cut off for not being considered premature.  Josh wanted 36 weeks and I was thinking I was okay with up to 38 weeks.  For me, there is a fine line between worrying about lung development and complications from delivering too early and creeping close to the 39 week mark where we lost Luke.  Prior to Luke’s loss, I wanted to go as far past my due date as it took for labor to start on it’s own, but I have had to change my thinking on that.  37 weeks puts us around August 14.  10 more weeks to go!  Like one quarter of school, I can do it.

The other big thing in my life recently is that I did not accept my teaching contract for next year.  I was heading toward resigning, but my principal and special education director suggested I put in for a year’s leave of absence, so I did that.  This just leaves the door open in case I want to go back to teaching in a year (without having to reapply, although there always seem to be plenty of special ed openings in my district).   For many weeks after finally making this decision, I was super excited and feeling freed from a big burden.  Each time I learned about a new challenge that would be added to my class next year, I felt a balloon of joy at it not being my responsibility for once.  Each time one of my classroom aides stretched my tolerance, I felt excitement to soon be relieved of that duty of managing 4 other adults.  I have been feeling ready for a change for a couple of years.  Then the last week of school came and I started to feel sad.  I do love my school and my coworkers and it feels like my home.  Being a special education teacher has been a huge part of my identity for 12 years.   It is hard to let go of.  And scary.  We cannot pay all of our bills without my making around the same income.  So, I’m now on a new journey of trusting God to help me find the right avenues to get enough additional work with my speech pathology assistant license to make ends meet.  It’s a risk, but will allow me to work part-time and have more flexibility so that I can be with this baby more.  Please send prayers for the right opportunities to come up at the right times.  In the meantime, I have a lot more free time, so I can get some projects done and rest, but hopefully it will not give me too much time to worry.

Here is a profile pic of the baby from around 24 weeks:

23 weeks 5 days profile

My friend from junior high/high school gave me this cute onesie when we had lunch last week.  ARRRR! 😉

From Lori 5-14with Lori 5-14


9 thoughts on “Rainbow 27 Weeks

  1. Awesome! It’s almost like you’ve learned too much in these journeys 🙂

    So, 10 weeks, then? Am I thinking straight? This is exciting!!!
    Love seeing how God is bringing these things together. You’re getting there!

  2. Wow!!! I’m so excited for you! Especially taking a leave of absence, that’s a great decision! I’m so jealous! Lol
    I keep praying that your little man is growing and doing ok. What is the doctors reasoning for delivering at 37 weeks? Just curious. I asked my high risk doctor and they said not unless I did an amniocentesis to make sure his lungs are fully developed.
    Still praying! Enjoy and relax, God will take care of the rest.

    • Well, I have gestational diabetes and they usually recommend 39 weeks for that. And I guess because we lost Luke at 39 weeks and they don’t know why, they are ok with earlier? My ob had said we could do an amino, but this particular high risk Dr said it isn’t necessary. We’ll see what they say closer to the time. It’s scary to me either way, but Josh is adamant that we deliver early.

      • I agree with delivering early. I told my doctors to just get me a room at 35 weeks and hook me up. I don’t think I could wait past 36 weeks, when we lost Jacob. I know I’ll be a mess. We will be having a c-section also. I had asked for 37 weeks with me being monitored 3x a week beforehand.
        We will see. I’m really excited for you. I know us teachers struggle with leaving our kids, but I thoroughly agree with you taking a leave of absence. For your safety and for healing.

  3. I’m so glad you’re doing so well with this little guy! Dan’s cousin was born at 28 weeks, at the time (18 years ago) he was the youngest premie ever to have survived at the hospital here. It’s definitely a good marker if you get a clue something maybe going wrong.

    The Dr supervising this pregnancy said 38 weeks for me, but I think I’m going to wait it out – mainly because their wives are certain my original dates are right, so the docs 38 weeks will in fact be 40 weeks, and should arrive by herself! I very much wish to have an as intervention free birth as possible this time if I can – I think I felt so robbed when Taidgh died that I want to experience everything this time. As long as safe ( as many children as anything is safe) obviously.

    Will definitely be praying for your work situation too!

  4. I’m so happy to hear that you and your baby are healthy and getting along well! And I’m happy to hear that you’re making adjustments to your work life that will give you more time with him upon his arrival. Best wishes to you as you move forward to your August date. Hugs to you!

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