We Have a Delivery Date!

I saw my regular OB this week. She has asked at the last several appointments if the perinatal office had given an okay on when we can deliver. She was eager to be able to deliver us early, but since she is “co-managing” our pregnancy with them, she needed their okay on the timeline. This time I could finally say yes– at 37 weeks. She was very pleased and stated so several times.

She immediately looked at the calendar and calculated when that would be–August 14. She then looked up when she is scheduled to be at the hospital birthing center. She is slated for Sat and Sun August 16 and 17. I said anytime around 37 weeks is fine with me. She said, I don’t want you to have to wait any longer. She decided to come in early for her hospital shift on that Friday, August 15, just to deliver us! (The hospital won’t allow scheduled deliveries on the weekend). That will mean we will get her for 3 days straight, which will be so nice. (This is rare, the doctors usually switch daily at the hospital and you just have to take whoever is there that day.) She had her assistant schedule it right away to ensure it wouldn’t get filled.

So, we have an actual delivery date! August 15! His DOB will be 8/15/14. Seems perfect to me. It is incredibly exciting to have an actual date. It makes it very real. I was somewhat stunned that it worked out so easily. When I got to my car, I found myself crying tears of joy and thanking God. I feel so blessed with this compassionate doctor. She told me she thinks this boy is going to be fine.

So far, it worked out so smoothly that I feel like it must be God telling me it’s okay to go ahead and deliver in our hometown and not travel to the bigger city of Phoenix to do it. This is what I would prefer, but I wasn’t sure. They have more back-up resources in the bigger city and the lower altitude can be helpful if there are any breathing issues (which can happen with an early baby and gestational diabetes, especially with boys who develop more slowly). So, we’ll see what else is yet to come, but for now, I feel really happy with the plan that is in place. If it needs to change, hopefully God will make that just as clear. Only 9 weeks to go!

Last night I had a weird, but happy, dream that somehow my stomach had a compartment I could open and take the baby out. I carefully removed him, cradled him in my hand, and got to have a good look at him. He was still tiny, more like 9-10 weeks than the 28 weeks I really am, but he was so cute and he looked into my eyes. Even though his eyes were still the black bulges that early babies have and somewhat alien-like, it was nice. I felt joy and peace, and then worry that I might have hurt him by taking him out. Strange dream–as my dreams often are, but comforting too. I have so rarely had any baby dreams in either pregnancy, so I’ll take it as a positive thing.

This morning I have found myself emotional and crying about Luke. Just one of those days that come. I’m thankful to have God, friends, family, fellow bloggers and this rainbow baby as bits of sunshine in this storm.


7 thoughts on “We Have a Delivery Date!

  1. Can’t like this enough!!! Soon, soon, soon!
    This is just fantastic news 🙂 So glad that your doctor will be the one this time. We were overjoyed for that part with Zoe, too.

    Zoe giggled while I read this. I don’t think she knows why, but she enjoyed the ride, too!

    • Siobhan, I wish that wasn’t the case. My high school friend just had a baby on Luke’s due date (not even his actual birthday) and that stung. I’m glad it’s not Taidgh’s actual day. You are going to be busy with a brand new baby before then! It will be a mixture of happy and sad things, but it will be good.

      • I figure if this one arrives safe and sound, I’ll be okay – otherwise you may not hear from me for a while lol – not that I won’t be thrilled for you, but you know how it is 🙂

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