That Commercial Makes Me Cry

There is a commercial that gets me.  It’s been on a lot lately where we are.  It’s for Blue Bunny ice cream.  It’s about “life’s little moments”.  It starts out with a boy making smacking sounds waiting to be fed.  But that’s not the part that gets me as my husband guessed when I said, “This commercial makes me sad.”  He said, “It’s just a baby being fed” but I told him, “That’s not the part I’m talking about.”  He asked, “What is it?” but I was too choked up to talk about it.  I wanted to tell him, but I couldn’t right then.  He let it go.

The scene is about 2/3 of the way through.  A baby boy is eating and puts a spoonful of his food up to his mom’s large, pregnant belly as if to share with the baby inside.  It is an adorable illustration of sibling love.  It clearly acknowledges the precious life inside that womb.  It breaks my heart.  It makes me sad that my Luke can’t do those sort of things for his little brother.  He won’t get to kiss him, help feed him or be annoyed by him.  Even though we likely would not be having this baby so soon after Luke had he lived, it still feels like that is something that will always be missing.  Until we get to heaven, that is.  I look forward to having our family whole again then.



2 thoughts on “That Commercial Makes Me Cry

  1. I saw that commercial and it made me cry at that same scene 😦 I’m so sorry your new baby has to wait until heaven to know his brother, but I’m so glad that we have the hope of heaven. Now, I change the channel or leave the room every time that commercial comes on

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