Samuel Hudson is Here!

Samuel Hudson arrived safely Friday, 8/15/14 at 7:56 a.m. weighing 7 pounds even and measuring 20 inches via repeat C-section at 37 weeks 1 day.  He is amazing.  It is still surreal.  We are so thankful to God, to you all, to our family and friends, and to the many people who prayed for him before he was even conceived.  Take heart in hope, friends.  There will be dreams come true in this life!  And so much more in heaven.

Samuel means “asked of God”, which he certainly was.  I think the meaning is perfect.  Hudson is Luke’s middle name and Josh’s mother’s (who died in 2005) maiden name.  It was Josh’s suggestion to give Samuel the same middle name as Luke.  He said he wanted there to be something concrete that will be a reminder of Luke even 20 years from now.  I would not have thought of this myself as I thought Luke’s first and middle name were his alone, but after Josh explained his view on this, I loved it.  It feels perfect.  I treasure his name as I do Luke’s name (finally! 😉 ) He will eventually go by Sam and probably many other cutesy names between.  So far he has been called poop monster (more on that later–wow!), butternut squash, Sammy Cakes, little miracle, little squeaker mouse… He has a lot of light colored hair like Luke did and looks a lot like him, Josh and I and the nurse who was with us both times all think.  That makes me happy.

I have a ton more to say and will post again soon with more details.  It is completely wonderful, but also very emotional, overwhelming and still the bittersweet road you all know with many reminders of Luke’s loss and absence.  There were tears of sadness at the same time as our hearts swelled to bursting with joy.

We got to go home from the hospital last night.  Here are some pictures:)

IMAG0895 IMAG0898-1 IMAG0907-1  IMAG0913-1 IMAG0927 IMAG0881 IMAG0905-1 IMAG0910-1-1 IMAG0917


15 thoughts on “Samuel Hudson is Here!

  1. Walking through that door at home with Zoe was just the best! I remember that day often.
    Congrats! This is the coolest thing I will read all week, because it’s just such great news.

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! He is so precious! I’m so thankful that he is here! Many prayers for this perfect little man have been answered. I have been waiting to hear of his arrival and now I have. So many blessings sent to you and your family. Luke was definitely taking care of his little brother. ~hugs~

  3. He is totally adorable, and very like his big brother! I’m so happy for you guys. We’ll have to have a rainbow meet up at some point when Bethany gets hers in October and sibyl has hers in march ( I just want to escape the barren frozen north lol)

  4. He is perfect! So adorable! I love the name Samuel because of the meaning, and I think it’s so honoring of Luke to give Samuel his middle name. We are planning on doing the same if we have another boy down the road. I’m so happy for your wonderful and happy family. Seeing your post made me smile. I hope you heal quickly and hope Samuel brings you so much joy and happiness. Luke will forever be watching over his little brother! Congrats!

  5. Prayers as you love your new little guy. We don’t know each other but I have been following your Light Little Luke in VA. My niece, who delivered last week, had similar problems during her pregnancy, although she had never had a loss. Please know that I will continue to pray for your family and baby Samuel! I am so happy for you!

  6. I’m really excited that your little Samuel has arrived safe and sound! Welcome Samuel Hudson! Congratulations, he is so beautiful. xox

  7. Sam is so cute and totally has your nose! I’m so happy for you and Josh and so pleased to see Luke’s little brother cuddling up to you both! A big congratulations! May the sun (and your baby Luke) continue to shine down on your family in the year to come. 🙂

  8. I was watching to hear and couldn’t be happier for you. Love his name and the meaning. Enjoy your new son! Congratulations.

  9. Beyond happy for you! You give me the hope that this little one will make come end of January….he is adorable and I love his name. A great tribute!

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