Silver lining

I was listening to my satellite radio on my long drive home from work and this band I recently have been liking called First Aid Kit came on. Their song says, “you’re my silver lining”.  I was absorbing the lyrics when I had a little epiphany. Luke, whose name means “bringer of light”, is my sunshine. And, I realized, Samuel is my silver lining! He’s the beautiful part of the clouds that came. He would most likely not be here without those dark clouds. Similar to the rainbow concept all of us loss moms are so familiar with, but it resonates with me in a way that the rainbow image never exactly did.

This idea warmed my heart. We have a sunshine and a silver lining and I love them both so much. Thank you Lord for sending me this beautiful, warm, kissable silver lining, who is sleeping on my arm while I type this one hand on my phone, after you carried me through the storm. And thank you that my little sunshine is shining away in heaven, excited for me to get there too. image

Here’s the song:  Other than that concept, the song is not really related to this, but it’s pretty:)