Goodnight Kisses for Luke

I have started saying goodnight prayers with Samuel.  Even though he probably does not get what is going on yet, I like to think that he enjoys the whispered voice above his head while we’re calming down for sleep.  At the end of each prayer, I ask God to please give his brother Luke and Grandma Jeannine a kiss. It makes me feel good to think of Luke and to include him every day. I’m excited for the day when Samuel can understand what I’m talking about and can think of his brother too.


Samuel will be a year old in 9 days! Luke would be 2 years and 3 months. We love you both, my sweet sons.


3 thoughts on “Goodnight Kisses for Luke

  1. My rainbow baby Bennett is almost three months old. Every night I tell ️Bennett I love him and tell his brother Shane I love him too. I too want Shane incorporated into our lives everyday. He was stillborn at 7 months of pregnancy. He would have been 1 year and 1 month old. So blessed to have been given both of my boys . I love them both so much !

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