We have two kids

My husband said something recently that I am treasuring in my heart. He said that whenever he’s asked how many kids we have, he answers frankly that we have two. If he’s questioned further, he explains that we have one in heaven.  I told him that I try to say that, but that sometimes if it’s a cashier or in other quick, stranger encounters, I may just say yes when asked if Sam is our first/only. I often mention Luke, but I sometimes don’t have the courage. I have written about that very struggle on this blog. He said “I always do”.

This is special to me. Josh hasn’t always talked about Luke alot. I have kept pictures out, posted about him on Facebook, etc. and Josh has not always approved. Hearing him honor Luke in a public way like this is wonderful.

I have also heard him say to people that Samuel looks like him, but Luke really looked like him. I’m so happy to hear these things.


Sweet Dreams, Little Man

This song really struck me the other night on my commute home from work. It’s been on my iPod quite awhile, but I just noticed the lyrics.  It made me think of my Luke and our goodnight kisses sent in prayer each night. “My love will fly to you each night on angel’s wings.” I love you Luke, my little man. I miss you.