I think Samuel knows Luke’s name

Samuel is 19 months now and is beginning to say a lot of words and a few phrases.  It is very fun.  I love knowing more of what he is thinking and what he wants.  He is so proud when he says something and we get excited.  He seems to have a good memory.

In his nursery, there is a little night stand next to the chair we read books in.  I had a lot of wallet pictures of Luke made and some were in one of the drawers, where I now also store some of the books.  Samuel has found them and pulled them out several times.  I told him, “That’s your brother Luke”.  One time, he said “baby” and kissed the picture.  Then the last time he pulled them out, he said “uke”, I’m pretty sure.  It really sounded like he knows his brother’s name.  It amazed me and made my heart swell.  It also makes me think about how we will talk to him about his big brother and how to make Luke a part of his life forever.  I have Luke’s picture in a frame in the nursery and we pray for God to send him good night kisses each night, but soon will come a time for more as Samuel gets older and understands more and more.

My friend Miranda often talks to me about Luke and we recently chatted about Luke’s upcoming 3rd birthday.  I was feeling unsure what to do for it this year.  Last year, we had a cake and released balloons-my parents, Josh, Samuel and I, in our backyard.  I liked it and it felt good to me, but I didn’t know if it was okay to do the same thing again or what.  Is it too much to release balloons multiple times?  Will Josh protest?  My sweet friend said, “who cares?” and told me to just do what I want yearly.  She said if Josh doesn’t want to participate, I can do it with Samuel.  She said she’d be glad to be a part of it.  I think there are a couple of other friends who might too.  This year, August 15th falls on a Saturday.  I have already heard that my church’s women’s retreat will be that weekend.  So perhaps I will invite some of the ladies from church to release balloons with us.  Every spring,  I feel it on the horizon and start to wonder how to mark the day.  Please join me in praying for the right celebration for our sweet boy in heaven for his 3rd birthday.

Let me know if I can pray for you too!