Luke’s 3rd birthday


Samuel with the three balloons for Luke’s 3rd birthday.

I love you and I miss you my sweet Luke. I can’t wait to see you again and get to hug you. We celebrated you on your third birthday . I wonder what you are doing in heaven. I’m sure it’s wonderful and I can’t wait to see it with my own eyes. Happy 3rd birthday my sweet boy


“Bruh dur”


This morning Samuel was on his changing table, where he’s been millions of times, and he pointed over at his shelves and said “babies”. I said “yes, babies. Sam and Luke.” He said “bruh dur”. I praised him for being so smart and then lost it. He’s seen the wallet pics of Luke alot since he kept pulling them out of his book drawer, but we haven’t paid much attention to the framed pictures on the shelves. I’m so proud that my little boy put that all together and that he knows his brother. I don’t think he even knows what a brother is yet, but he knows Luke is his. It made my heart overflow. I love them both so much.

Luke’s 3rd birth day is in 11 days. The day we learned we’d lost him is in 10 days. I consider this shaft of light from Sam this morning as a gift for his brother’s 3rd birthday and I know there will be more to come. Thanks you, my Father, for these precious gifts.