Thinking of you on your 4th Christmas in heaven

I miss you my sweet Luke. The tears come easier at certain times of the year and this is one of them. I hear one of your songs, hear of someone’s due date near yours and my heart clutches.  I can’t wait to see you in heaven. I want to see your face, what color your hair will be, your eyes…everything.

The other day we hung a big ruler that we are tracking your little brother’s height on. Your dad said he bets Sam will be at least 6 feet tall and he’s sure you would have been over 6 feet. I asked, “Why do you think Luke would be taller than Sam?”  Your dad said because you had such long fingers and toes, long arms. I hadn’t even noticed the difference or made the comparison, but he’s right. And that made me sad. I don’t get to see you soar to your full height. My tallest son will not be in our family photos. I don’t get see the nuances of how you and Samuel are different.  Not for now, but in heaven I will.

We have your ornaments and your stocking up. It made me sad that it was the only empty stocking this morning. We talk about you to your little brother often. He knows who you are. I can’t wait for you to meet. What a hug that will be! I pray that God makes sure Sam gets to come there too. I am thankful you are safely home and I don’t need to worry about you. Here is your brother enjoying the white Christmas God blessed us with for his Son’s birthday this year. Merry Christmas, my sweet son. IMG_0179.JPG